Telephone: +0800 123 4567
+0800 123 4567

The  Recreational Scuba Training Council South East Asia (RSTC SEA) is dedicated to the worldwide safety of the recreational diving public. As such, one of the  RSTC SEA’s primary goals is the development of worldwide minimum training  standards in association with others councils. The establishment of globally recognized and implemented  standards is a valuable asset in addressing local and national  regulatory issues.  Member Councils of the Recreational Scuba Training Council South East Asia recognize and  accept responsibility for the promotion of worldwide safety of the  recreational diving public, international consistency of training  standards and worldwide credibility of the RSTC SEA,  Scuba training agency based or operating in South East Asia that meet the membership criteria  may apply to and become a member of the RSTC SEA. For additional  information, contact



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